Easy predictive modeling in minutes

Answer the questions that matter most to your business:

What will
sell best?

Who will buy?

How much
will it pay?

Who will

Use the information you have today to
predict what will happen tomorrow

Say you have a spreadsheet of how things turned out in the past, and you want to predict one of the columns in the future. In this example, column Q tells if bank customers bought a savings product.

You have other information to help make a prediction. In this example, you have customer demographics (A-D), account information (E-H), and data about previous sales campaigns (I-P).

That’s all you need. Predictobot will automatically turn your spreadsheet into a predictive model.

You’ll get a spreadsheet with the predictive model right in the Excel formulas. No programming or fancy math required.

Your first model is free, so sign up and try it right now.

During our beta, your first 5 models are free!

You can see more about this example here. We can correctly predict if a new customer will buy the bank product 83% of the time. In this case, the previous sales data turned out to matter most.